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HCDA Talent Empowerment Services (TES)

Building connections that inspire, prompt and guide people through meaningful career moments. 

Talent Empowerment Services (TES) is a pioneering startup dedicated to revolutionising the transition through key career moments.


Career moments involve the connection of two elements: someone has defined a role or job that they need doing, and someone who has an ambition, interest and aptitude to bring value in that work area. These two elements need to come together, connect and combine. But rather than being fixed and set in stone, these elements can shift and adapt as a result of that connection. Today, many big organisations are recruiting talent in a transactional and broken way. With the increasingly dynamic nature of work today, the value will be created in these connections. We believe that rather than these connections being spontaneous and serendipitous, there is value in preparing for and designing these interactions. By doing this, the connection and conversation is balanced, adult and will achieve far better outcomes for all parties involved.


In TES, we help people do this.

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Our Talent Lab (4 Week Programme)

Starting with the transition from university to employment for graduates. We offer a 4-week talent lab program, personalised coaching, and an active community where students and recent graduates can build essential skills, explore career options, and connect with those who have or create opportunities.

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Learning Outcomes:

  • Understand personal strengths, ambitions, interests, character traits, and mindset.

  • Establish your general long-term direction and performance standards for personal growth.

  • Develop self-reflection skills and receive rapid feedback for continuous improvement.

Our Talent Lab empowers graduates to take control of their career decisions, explore and understand their potential, and thrive in today's complex and dynamic world of work. What sets TES apart is our commitment to continuous learning and our community; graduates remain part of our vibrant community indefinitely, providing ongoing support and networking opportunities throughout their careers. With a focus on self-determination, personal growth, relationships, social connection, and job crafting, TES is redefining how we support and equip graduate to navigate this early career moment successfully.


Our community is a cornerstone of Talent Empowerment Services (TES), providing a lasting network for students and graduates to stay connected even after completing the program. We fosters continuous interaction, both online and face to face, allowing members to share experiences, seek advice, and support one another as they progress in their careers. Graduates can connect with industry mentors through one-on-one sessions via video call, or in-person meetings, offering valuable guidance to help them further develop their skills throughout their employment journey. Additionally, the community keeps everyone informed about upcoming events and workshops, ensuring members have ongoing access to learning opportunities and professional growth.

Example of what the online community will look like:

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Our Survey

As we start to build our community, we'd you to hear your views. Please spend 2 or 3 minutes to complete our survey and help us shape and enhance Talent Empowerment Services (TES) to your needs. As we develop this, your opinion is crucial. Thank you. Click Here.

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