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Fixes That Fail


A fix effective in the short-term creates side effects for the long-term behaviour of the system and may result in the need of even more fixes

Description of Behavioural Traits

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In a "Fixed That Fail" situation, a problem symptom cries out for resolution. A solution is quickly implemented, which alleviates the symptom. However, the solution produces unintended consequences that, after a delay, cause the original problem symptom to return to its previous level or even get worse. This development leads us to apply the same (or similar) fix again. This reinforcing cycle of fixes is the essence of "Fixed That Fail"


Breaking a "Fixes That Fail" cycle usually requires acknowledging that the fix is merely alleviating a symptom, and making a commitment to solve the real problem now

A two-pronged attack of applying the fix and planning out the fundamental solution will help ensure that you don't get caught in a perpetual cycle of solving yesterday's "solutions"

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