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Learning Shots

Our learning shots provide prompts and guides on how to create an environment that stimulates people to want to take part in the change. Bringing their diverse perspectives on the problem or opportunity together and initiating discussions that co-create solutions 

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Complexity increases when working across organisational boundaries. These include geography, hierarchy, or knowledge. Barriers to teaming need to be addresses so that people can effectively work together to deliver the team's purpose or task.


In a world that is becoming ever more complex, crowded and interdependent, the route to success of often opaque. Decision making involves paradox, trade-offs, alignment, judgements on impact, risks and consequences, and a test and learn approach. 

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To inspire others to do their best. Clarifying purpose, by moving beyond 'what' they do, to 'why' they do it, so that they can sustain their efforts to deliver to their full potential.


Leaders inspire, prompt and guide people to understand and fulfil their potential, but people who take control of their career are more likely to lead to find meaning and enjoyment from their work. Remove the ambiguity and put people in control.

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Humans are irrational beings. Much of our behaviour (both physical and social) can be traced back to our primate origins. Understanding these human traits help us design experiences, processes, teams, organisations, change...and so much achieve the outcomes we want and need.


Today's challenges are complex and require small, agile teams close to the issues to take action without delay. A diverse team needs to be set up with the core teaming foundations established if it is to avoid the risk of being in continuous conflict.

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One of the most common blockers to teams achieving their purpose is the ability to give and receive feedback. Teams that share their perspectives and talk candidly about the issues, without fear of triggering negative emotions in others, move far further and faster than those who don’t. Improving the ability to give and receive feedback is can transform a teams performance quickly.

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