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Active Management

Active Management

Being at our best in the 'passing zone'

We work in a dynamic system. Due to factors such as equipment/ machine down time, workforce absence, supply chain lead times, etc, we are unable to fully forecast. Due to component yield, trials results, etc. we generate mobile and dynamic bottlenecks.

We need high visibility of our levels of activity and the status. We need teamwork and support across the business. We need ACTIVE MANAGEMENT.

'Active Management' is focused on getting things done. It's about speeding up information flow and decision making by maximising the quality of interaction in the 'passing zone'

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People have limited time windows when they are together to share, discuss and agree the right course of action.


How do we make these time windows as productive as possible?


How do we work together in the ‘passing zone’?


To be successful, we need to understand when and how they best connect to get the value from each other.

Practices of Active Management

  1. We have adult conversations on work issues, not egos

  2. We run towards the issues with a 'can do' mindset, not away from them

  3. We clarify issues by sharing facts and potential impact

  4. We agree timely containments, to buy time to complete investigations, design and implement fuller solutions

  5. We agree plans, commitments and timescales with appropriate operational urgency

  6. We work to build and maintain mutual trust & respect which enables us to discuss both tame and wicked issues

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'It's not chaos...but it's not perfect'.


The art is in improving and managing in this situation

Features to manage the wickedness


Daily Review at OMC/Tech Centre level

  • Empower teams with some freedom to decide/act

  • Use software as Radar and Battle Plan

Plan the FULL programme picture

  • All requirements from ePMO 

  • Inter Tech Centre requirements

  • Also plan in non-availability eg Planned maintenance

'It's tame where possible and manage the wickedness'

Odin/SAP won't fully solve all the gives better visibility and system use as an 'impact radar'

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Activity Brief

Think like an Operations Delivery Team (ODT).

You will disperse team members to be briefed on several improvement topics from subject matter leads. Your aim is to 'Actively Manage' the interfaces to use this knowledge within your team.


The subject topics will be shared with you.


Follow these steps:

  1. Discuss and agree what you want from these briefs and how you will use them within your ODT

  2. Attend the subject brief and capture the key take-aways

  3. Return to your team and de-brief key take-aways

  4. Develop an integrated plan to 'Actively Manage' and these elements in a Tech Centre

  5. Be prepared for team lead to share back your plan on a page

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