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 The escalation archetype is where each player can make their own decisions. However, when both players try to maximise their output they can get into a loop where each player will try harder and harder to surpass the opponent.

Description of Behavioural Traits

When someone's action is perceived as threatening, your human instinct is to either "fight or flight". A "fight" reaction will increase tension and "escalate" the situation, increasing the stakes of the issue. Staying focused on the original problem and considering what's causing you to react in the way you do will help avoid "escalation" and resolve the issue. 


To break an escalation structure, ask the following questions:

What is the relative measure that pits one party against the other, and can you change it?

What are the significant delays in the system that may distort the true nature of that threat?

What are the deep-rooted assumptions that lie beneath the actions taken in response to the threat?

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