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The Operations Management Centre (OMC) is the integration and controlling mind for Operations.  

We standardise how demand is received and governed in Ops and respond (and feedback) to the PMO

We co-ordinate and ensure consistency in Ops across all TCs:

  • Understanding and interpretation of Strategic Programme Demand

  • Aligning People, Plant, Process, Material…

  • Integrated schedule/Order book 

  • Strategic Operational Performance reporting (centralised systems)

  • Balancing of requirements to ensure plan is realistic and achievable 

  • Financial management (budgeting, cost and risk control) & reporting

  • Set and govern tools, processes & policies, systems

We prepare integrated plan for Ops

We build sustainable capability to ensure our programme needs are met, and risks identified and mitigated, right now, tomorrow and in the future

APQP (Advanced product quality planning), 

Q gates (Quality Inspection gates), 

OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness),

RFT (Right first time), 

Q gates (Quality Inspection gates), 

Q checks (Quality checks), 

PPAP (Production part approval process),  

VSM (Value Stream Mapping), 

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