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Shifting the Burden/


Decision-makers fail to identify the fundamental solution early and are subjected to accumulated side effects as they resort to quick remedial solutions.

Description of Behavioural Traits


In a "Shifting the Burden" situation, a problem symptom can be addressed by applying a symptomatic solution or a more fundamental solution. When a symptomatic solution is implemented, the problem symptom is reduced or disappears, which lessens the pressure for implementing a more fundamental solution. Over time, the symptom resurfaces, and another round of symptomatic solutions often produces side-effects that further divert attention away from more fundamental solutions.


Problem symptoms are usually easier to recognise that the other elements of the structure

If the side-effect has become the problem, you may be dealing with an "Addiction" structure

Whether a solution is "symptomatic" or "fundamental" often depends on one's perspective. Explore the problem from different perspectives in order to come to a more comprehensive understanding of what the fundamental solution may be

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