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Success to the successful


When two (internal) entities compete among themselves for limited resources and support, the success of an entity depends on the support and resources it gets and thus it affects the other entity.

Organisational Behavioural Traits Template and Description

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In a "Success to the successful" situation, two or more individuals, groups, projects, initiatives, etc. are vying for a limited pool of resources to achieve success. If one of them starts to become more successful (or is historically already more successful) than the others, it tends to garner more resources, thereby increasing the likelihood of its continued success. Its initial success justifies directing more resources while robbing the other alternatives of resources and opportunities to build their own success, even if others are superior alternatives.


Look for reasons why the system was set up to create just one "winner"

Chop off one half of the archetype by focusing efforts and resources on one group, rather than creating a "winner-takes-all" competition

Find ways to make teams collaborators rather than competitors

Identify goals and objectives that define success at a level higher that the individual players A and B

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