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Creating a space where change happens

The Human-Centred Design Agency

Aligning purpose, people and performance!

What We Do
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What We Do

Not all problems are easy to solve. 

Solutions to complex problems typically rely on multiple layers of insight and therefore require multiple points of view. 


Using human-centred design we DISCOVER and DEFINE the problem or opportunity, before we DESIGN and DEVELOP the solution.

We use diagnostics to (fire)start evidence-based discussions and create deeper and more meaningful dialogue. We create an informed, reflective space where people can safely open up, build trusting relationships and commit to new ways of doing things. 


We listen and observe

We question and provoke

We empathise and understand

So our uniqueness is not so much the diagnostic tools themselves, but the way we use them to spark and facilitate crucial discussions. Effectively building this safe container space for teams to work through their own problems is probably one of the most difficult things to design and facilitate.

Given the complexity of the problems we tackle we use psychometric tools to build an understanding of the mindset and attitudes of team members and the collective strengths and blind spots they may have.

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