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Leadership Team Strategic Priority Workshop - Phase 3 Development

Our Team Purpose

To lead the business in creating, developing and delivering the strategy to meet the aspirations of all our stakeholders.

We work together, enjoy what we do, and create a lasting legacy, by creating a high performance culture to motivate, empower and inspire our teams to succeed.

The Central Question

How do we as a team take our learning to date on our Phase 3 development and understand the interconnectedness with our core business?

How do we ensure that the core project team makes the right decisions at the right time with all of our stakeholder's needs in mind?

Team Member's Agenda

Team members captured their questions/concerns around the central question and clustered them as follows:

. Final design/Cost control

. Resourcing pressures

. Governance/meeting structures

. Communications

. Customer/Stakeholder interests

Resourcing demand and gaps

Screenshot 2022-06-16 at 17.52.43.png

Phase 3
Governance/meeting structure


Screenshot 2022-06-16 at 17.58.44.png

Communications - to be actioned

Collective / accurate knowledge

Central decisions on behalf of the wider company

The need for more positive ‘story telling’ internally – positive language for staff to use

Forward planning - Look ahead sessions to understand what’s coming

Risk of external contractor misinformation

Clarity of comms – keeping teams and service partners in the loop

Updates to wider business frequently, inviting feedback from all

Fast-moving, complex project requires LT members to ‘pull out’ info they need, rather than ‘wait for pushed info’

Communication flow

Internal re-branding of Phase 3…

Information exchange

Information flow – Commercial dept and Event Management

Expectation management – Owners, Leadership Team, Staff, Customers

Respect requests for help with timely responses – say yes or no quickly

Communication – LT/Stakeholders; Consultants; Entire business

Take personal responsibility to be updated

More frequent debriefs with Leadership Team

Customer/Stakeholder interests - to be actioned

Client perception of programme

Guest impact. Guest = all stakeholders

Keeping clients and visitors happy

How we work around customers/events

Day to day impact on Operations

Potential impact on core events business

Set realistic expectations to clients

Core business knowledge vs Construction impact

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