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Cook Food Intern Brief

Making meaningful connections between students and those with work opportunities

Cook has grown on the back of a successful B2C business. 

In recent times the business has expanded into B2B, supplying catering customers with an offering for their customers/consumers who need a hot food option when other food outlets/options aren’t available. 


This B2B business is showing rapid growth and is now 34% of sales and 46% of revenues [check figures with Ben]. 

Ben Scott heads up the B2B business and feels there is even more untapped potential. Business growth to date has been delivered through his own contact in the market, alongside others in the team. He needs to pull together a marketing strategy and plan that shares the successes to date with others in the market. 


The marketing team are heavily focused on the B2C business, and rightly so. This is a part of the business and a consumer community that they understand  - and they need to. 


This intern brief is for 2 summer interns to work with Ben and colleagues in the marketing team to pull together a marketing strategy and plan. 

The strategy will include an assessment of the current B2B business, the opportunities, the routes/channels to market, and the stories that elevate Cook’s value proposition to customers. 


The Human-Centred Design Agency (ie Nigel) will be available prior to and throughout the internship period to: capture and integrate the brief; select, debrief and coach the interns; support any introductions needed; weekly check-in on progress with interns; ensure an end of intern review and high quality feedback is provided. 


The internship will typically commence towards the end of June and finish mid/late September. 


The cost of the internship is £z per intern for this full period and will be either paid directly to the interns, or to the Human-Centres Design Agency (HCDA) who will manage the payroll for the interns. A small element of the fee will be retained by the HCDA to cover costs of any psychometric tools or admin costs. 

Our Purpose

We match ambitious students to challenging work assignments for 3 to 12 months

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