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FDM's Strategic Consulting Programme

Our success as Strategic Consultants stems from the quality of our client relationships, our ability to understand their wants and needs, and to co-create and deliver solutions that deliver sustainable value.


Resolving Client's Problems Through Human-Centred Design

As FDM Strategic Consultants we need to become expert at:

  • Defining the 'central question' - the problem or opportunity

  • Building empathy and trust with all those who feel the pain of this problem, or gain from this opportunity

  • Building coalitions between these stakeholders

  • Delivering outcomes whilst building insights

  • Creating their personal brand and reputation


This Programme is designed to help FDM Strategic Consultants reflect on what we bring and move us to take action that will accelerate our success.

Strategic Consulting Skills, Attributes & Behaviours

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Defining the 'Central Question' of the key steakholders

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The 'central question' in strategic consultancy is the basis for discovery and gaining clarity about the business issues facing each key stakeholder. FDM Strategic Consultants will explore experience and practical techniques to test the central question with key stakeholders.

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Creating and conveying a powerful point of view and giving advice

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FDM Strategic Consultants will learn how to gather and collate insights and data to present a powerful point of view. Building a coalition amongst key stakeholders and developing options, educating on options, making recommendations and allowing for co-creation.

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Building insights through active listening

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Active listening is a means to discover highly valuable insights, as well as develop a deeper understanding of the main business issues and points of view of colleagues. FDM Strategic Consultants will learn to suspend their own agendas and use questioning cascades to discover not just what the explicit issues are, but also the unstated implicit needs of their stakeholders

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Business problem-solving, relationship-building and conflict resolution

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Working in teams, FDM Strategic Consultants will analyse, solve, summarise and present recommendations and findings on a business case to a client/stakeholder whilst navigating organisational politics and restoring potentially conflictive relationships into collaborative ones.

Workshop Modules

1. Preparing for Success

Defining and testing ambition
Introduction to growth mindset
  • My personal journey - where am I, where am I going, how will I get there?
  • My strengths and potential blind spots
  • My will and commitment to action and learning
  • Building confidence, humility and credibility
  • Why growth mindset? Impact of having a growth mindset when defining problems

Key dates for 2022 Programme

20 May, 9am - 10am

KO meeting via Teams

16 June,

2pm - 6pm

Workshop 1 

21 July,

2pm - 6pm

Workshop 2 

19 August,

9am - 1pm

Workshop 3 

22 September,

2pm - 6pm

Workshop 4 

13 October,

2pm - 6pm

Workshop 5 

17 November,

2pm -6pm

Workshop 6 

All workshops will be held face to face in FDM's London Academy

Getting started

Success in strategic consulting calls for the right mindset and behaviours, as does practicing the skills and building experience. To assess your current mindset please complete the Mindset Advantage survey.

Mindset Advantage provides a common language to assist building a growth mindset and establishing a more agile way of working. It provides us with a useful starting point to understand our individual strengths, and potential blockers, in how we think and behave.

This is a leading-edge psychometric assessment based on the work of Matthew Syed, one of the world's foremost thinkers in the science of high performance.


The survey takes about 15 to 20 minutes to complete and you can do so via a mobile device or desktop. To get the most out of the tool and feedback, please answer the questions as honestly as possible. Click here to access the survey. Please complete the survey by 31 May 2022.

Please also complete your Participant Profile below:

Thanks for submitting!

Please complete both of these items before the end of May so you are prepared for the first programme workshop.

We look forward to supporting you on this exciting learning journey.

Please post any questions or comments regarding the programme below 

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