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Workshop 5:

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Aims for Workshop 5:

  • Trial and learn

  • Facilitating progress reviews and learning from success and failures

  • Judging complexity - the difference between blame and accountability

  • Increasing awareness of Systems Archetypes

  • Seeking and giving high quality feedback

  • Dealing with failure

  • Setting standards and measures of success

  • Adapt and 'Take 2'

Account Manager

Client managers

Other Strategic Consultants

Building insights from your FDM network 

Consultants in client

Other industry experts

Other client senior leaders

FDM senior leaders

Progress and next steps review points

Staying close to account managers to ensure a commercial wrapper is put around the work

Defining a clear scope. Capturing and logging emergent beyond scope activity

Backbriefing refesher - link back to defining the problem page

Client touch points




Roles integral to the design process collaborate to analyse and improve a design so that it meets its objectives

- Understand how well designs support existing principles

- Evaluate designs or content with user needs as a lens

- Hear feedback from members of the wider group

Deepening Diagnostics

Discovering and measuring employee experiences (EX) of work 

Four things that organisations do to accelerate talent success in today's world of work:

1) Put people in control of their own career experiences

2) Equip them with the mindset, behaviours and skills to be self-directed

3) Provide them with a toolkit and support

4) Make the experience enjoyable and fulfilling

Many people are spurning a return to business as usual, preferring the flexibility of remote work or reluctant to be in an office before the virus is vanquished. Others are burned out from extra pandemic workloads and stress, while some are looking for higher pay to make up for a spouse’s job loss or used the past year to reconsider their career path and shift gears.

During the pandemic, a Detroit-based Financial Services business took on around 2,000 employees that have never stepped foot within their organisation, and turnover is highest among that group. It’s easier to sustain a relationship right now than to build a relationship.


Around 40% of employees are open to considering other jobs

Your clients Employment Value Proposition (often called the “Deal” they offer employees and you are offering your consultants whilst working there) is massively important in. People are changing jobs more frequently and this means their overall EVP is what will make sure they stay. Some short snapshot diagnostics can give you quick insights into Employee Experiences (EX).

Please complete complete survey below and share your views openly

Systems Archetypes

Archetypes are recurring patterns of behaviour that give insights into the structures that drive systems. Understanding these archetypes helps diagnose what is at play and once identifies, how to design an intervention.

Rich conversations with the clients may at times involve sharing observations and insights that they weren't aware of. The ability to give and receive high quality and timely feedback builds relationships and trust

Outputs From FDM Workshop 5

After reviewing three case studies - Wise Energy, Sky and HSE - we discussed the Pros and Cons of a ‘Service’ offering (Outputs based rather than Time & Materials based, or a Hybrid with defined outputs agreed but contracted on a Time and Materials basis) from FDM.

When to propose service offerings 

  • In general, too early can limit understanding of the real problems – as proven here where the work that could be won differs from the wider discovery piece. If we had started making service offerings too soon, it may have distracted or limited the clients view of us. However, conversely, if we wait too long to commercialise then we run the risk of expending too much effort on an opportunity that may not come to fruition.


  • Having the confidence to know what we can offer - confidence to bring to life our service offering

  • Improved our team’s processes

  • Enabled us to provide a better Proposal Template

  • Can now provide ‘pool’ with different layers of expertise

  • Building re-usable concepts from learning from past mistakes

  • Short-term - gaining experience, Refinement, Efficiencies, Collaboration

  • Build capabilities

  • Diversified FDM Model

  • Stronger client relationships

  • Artefacts

  • Career Progression


  • May have ‘jumped’ to providing a solution

  • The effort taken to provide these discoveries (effort or resource, opportunity cost?)

  • Cost of trial (?)

  • Risk - repetitional, contractual, delivery

  • Dilute ‘RTD’ - transition to perm

  • Resources constrained

  • Confused marketing

  • We need more of an understanding of client timescales -  From the first point of contact to SoW.

Benefits to FDM

  • Diversified FDM Model

  • Proving we can stand up a team of this size, with our internal team members as part of the fabric, and junior talent benefitting from that. HSE have link to other government areas, and so this proof of concept for us could lead to wider trust

  • Tests our legal agility

  • Builds a stronger ‘partnering’ relationship with the client

  • Demonstrates the benefits of an embedded Delivery Consultant 

  • Improved Consultant experience and growth - and can stretch Academy trainers - stronger career progression

  • Build capabilities

  • Artefacts

What we need to do to progress this option:

  • We need to ensure our proposal includes aspects that will give the client confidence in our plan to deliver – though it is time and material, we do not want to give the impression that we do not have set deliverables in mind to drive the team's focus. Plans, ways of working, reporting to HSE etc.

  • Understand message

  • Synergies with sales team

  • Enhancing Team’s skills

  • Consultant retention

  • Successful client deliveries

How I feel at the end of Workshop 5

  • Enthused

  • Preoccupied, but optimistic

  • Calm

  • Positive

  • Measured

  • Ready

  • Reflective

  • Prepared

  • Insightful

Reflections from Workshop 5

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